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“In any endeavor you can only be five things, you can bad, you can average, you can be good, you can be excellent, or you can be elite, and I prefer a life that balances somewhere between excellent and elite. You can measure excellence, you can quantify it, you can reach certain milestones, hit a certain speed; elite is kind of this mythical camelot that is just that next ridge line.”

Clint Bruce

Through his unwavering passion and discerning perspective, Clint Bruce has not only found much success throughout his career, but he has inspired audiences nationwide.

Born in Arkansas and raised in Dallas, Clint Bruce’s passion for football was evident at a very young age. After playing for multiple Division One programs, Clint pursued his passion for the game at the United States Naval Academy, where he became one of the most decorated Navy Athlete in the Academy’s history. From there, Clint Bruce was fortunate enough to play professionally with both the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. Ultimately, Clint’s sense of patriotism influenced his decision to leave the NFL shortly after and accept the opportunity to become a Navy SEAL.

Since leaving the Navy, Clint Bruce has helped redirect and shape the lives of individuals in numerous capacities. Coming home was a challenge for Bruce, much like most veterans. Redefining who you are and what you do is always a challenge. Ultimately, Bruce decided that he needed to recalculate and reconfigure his life goals.

As both an athlete and special operator, Clint has always been restlessly a forward thinker, which is an essential aspect for any entrepreneur. For Clint, starting his companies were a way to build both a personal and professional existence that he was proud of and passionate about. Moreover, having the chance to work with some of the best businesses and leaders in the country, further motivated Clint.

Today, Clint Bruce is the founder and president of Trident Response Group, a global intelligence and advisory group headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He is also the founder of speakers bureau, HoldFast HQ, and highly sought after speaker in several areas including leadership and motivation.

More About Clint Bruce

HoldFast HQ

HoldFast is a veteran-led speakers bureau providing proven speakers to America’s best leaders as they educate and inspire their most important people. HoldFast offers a variety of presentations centered around making individuals and organizations more effective at achieving their goals. The HoldFast programs and presenters inspire and empower leaders to improve their organization’s culture, improve employee engagement, and increase profitability.

Trident Response Group

Trident Response Group (TRG) supports the best leaders, businesses and families in America by helping them stay ready every day for their most reasonable and foreseeable risks. TRG is an elite risk and threat solutions firm that helps anticipate and solve problems for influential decision-makers. TRG was born from the recovery and rescue efforts necessitated by Hurricane Katrina. The founders, known by their special operations careers, were asked by the Fairmont Hotel to mount a rescue operation for more than 500 individuals stranded at their hotel in the middle of New Orleans.

Pursuing Elite

Pursuing Elite is a 5-part video series featuring former Navy SEAL, Clint Bruce. The series brings you up-close and personal with one of the most sought after speakers in the country—and empowers you to“become a higher better version of yourself”. Whether you are a mom, a banker, a stockbroker, or a teacher, Pursuing Elite can help you lead like the best.